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Latest News


The Gid Taylor song 'Back burner' is one of the tracks on Texan blues singer Hilda Lamas's new album of 100% originals, out in March 2013. Thanks to Stephen Gold and Flame Music. 
As Jerry Lee Lewis plays his 80th birthday last tour of the U.K., I've put a tribute song LOUISIANA MAN on my song list that is ready and waiting to be covered by any erstwhile artist and  killer fan. Grab a listen, and get in touch!
Three new instrumental albums, AFRICANA, MEDIEVAL SOUNDSCAPE, and INTERSTELLAR are available for download on i tunes and Amazon. Thanks to Stephen Gold at FLAME MUSIC for the work on these. CD's are on the FLAME MUSIC site.
John Maher has been kind enough to put a link for 'Let's morris' on the Morris ring site. Go to and click on 'Morris and the media' or try:
I had fun entering the U.K. Songwriting contest 2009, and my song 'NOW' was a finalist in the adult contemporary category, didn't win though, never mind. Thanks to Lisa Marie for the vocals.
A new book on David Bowie, 'Any day now' by Kevin Cann will be out in October 2010. It features new details about the early days of the 'Lower third', with photos of Denis 't-cup Taylor', Robin Wyatt, and myself.
I have a new album, LATIN JAZZ LAYBACK, ( instrumental versions of some of my songs ) on i tunes, e music, Spotify, and Amazon.
Take a listen, and download. My thanks to Stephen @ Flame music.
Also, have you heard the FEELING JAZZ CD ?


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